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#1 in Structural Moving

We can relocate any structure. Whether it's a historical landmark, a plane, a train, a boat, a building, or a residential home, we can move it!

What is Structural Moving?

Structural moving is a process that will relocate entire buildings or structures to new locations. Our advanced techniques and meticulous planning guarantee a smooth transition, preserving the structural integrity of your building throughout the moving process. We have the expertise to handle any big move.

What Can You Move?

Historical Moving

We can relocate fragile historic homes and buildings of any size. Whether the construction is frame, concrete, block, brick, clay tile, or any combination above, we can move it by land or water.

Commercial Moving

Bring us your commercial projects as well. Whether it’s planes, trains, boats, transformers, buildings, or just plain heavy stuff, we can handle your relocation needs with specialized equipment.

Residential Moving

Residential lifting and moving is our specialty! A single home or a whole subdivision is no problem. We also buy and sell homes that need to move for reasons such as out-of-date models, road right-of-way projects, and rezoned properties. If you find a home or building in this situation, our moving services are right for you! 

Structural Moving Portfolio

The Cost to Move a Structure

As a simple answer, moving a wood frame building starts at $30,000, and moving a concrete block structure begins at $100,000. The cost will vary from there based on the size and complexity of the project.

Structural Moving FAQs

What is structural moving, and when is it necessary?

Structural moving involves relocating entire buildings from one location to another. It is necessary when preserving historical structures, mitigating the risk of environmental hazards, or making room for new developments.

What is the process for moving structures?

The process is similar to home lifting, which involves lifting the structure using hydraulic jacks. Once the project is off the ground, we place steel beams underneath and transport the structure to the desired location.

Does the moving process require special permits or approvals?

Yes, moving buildings and structures often necessitates obtaining permits and approvals from local authorities. These may include building, road closure, and utility disconnection permits.

How long does a typical project take?

The duration of a project can vary depending on the size of the structure, the distance of the move, and the complexity of the relocation.